Jaymie Gerard is a NJ-native who was (according to her mother) singing before she was speaking.  She taught herself guitar at the age of 13, and by 15 she was songwriting and performing by in local NJ and NYC venues including mainstays such as the Bitter End.

Over 20 years later, she has written almost 700 songs that cross multiple genres (folk, acoustic, pop, rock, jazz, dance, children’’s music, Americana…).  As a songwriter, she has been compared to John Lennon, Sheryl Crowe, Ray LaMontagne, Jenny Lewis and Aimee Mann, yet she maintains her own voice, her own sound, and her own image.

In their basement studio, Jaymie partners with her husband, Geb Zurburg, a fellow talented singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, along with their musician friends, Mod and Jon Abate.  The fusion of their talents has allowed Jaymie’s music to reach a new level of expression. She, Geb, Jon and Mod, together known as Jaymie Gerard and the Ryff Ryders, are currently working on an EP that is anticipated to be released in Spring of 2017.

Past releases include a 2012 bluegrass/Americana album entitled “Flame and a Seed” under the name Jaymie Gerard and the Burgs, a 2011 acoustic EP entitled “Acoustic Sessions (EP)” which features a handful of thought-provoking, emotional songs including a duet with Geb entitled, “Loved Enough,” and 2010 releases now sold as a double-EP, Ain’t Life Sweet & Black-Eyed Susans, which were an exploration of production, pushing the limits of “pop music” by infusing it with meaningful content.

After the birth of their first child, Jaymie wrote a collection of lullabies and recorded them in her son’s nursery.  This 21-song album entitled Big Round Moon: Sing-Along Lullabies was the start of a larger anthology of children’s songs that included the material for her next children’s folk album that she is currently recording.