Lyric Services

Your words are valuable.  You are dedicated to growing as a songwriter.  You deserve support.

Are lyrics the one thing holding you back from creating the amazing songs you KNOW you can create?
If so, you are not alone.

Most people come to me for the same reasons:

  • They have a song that they started but can’t seem to finish…
  • They have lyrics but they just aren’t as good as they want them to be…
  • They want their lyrics to sound “American,” but English isn’t their first language…

With my 20+ years experience in songwriting, 800+ original songs, I have put in my 10,000 hours in writing lyrics.  I have learned through my own grueling process of writing and editing, how to say exactly what I mean and how to say it in a way that is compelling to listeners.

I want to take my lyric-writing gift and help you develop yours!

I offer several levels of help for professional and aspiring songwriters:

Lyric Editing: I edit your lyrics 1) to correct English grammar mistakes, 2) to use more creative phrases, 3) to improve syntax, 4) to make your song more singable, and 5) to clarify the message of your song.

Lyric Coaching: One-on-one sessions where I teach you what I’ve learned and help you apply it to your own lyrics.

To find out more about my lyric services, please email me at