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Jaymie Gerard – I’m Going Under
On her seventh album*, singer-songwriter Jaymie Gerard has penned a seven-song JG EP.jpgcollection titled “I’m Going Under” that paints a musical tapestry of hooks, melodies, and lyrical narratives. With the help of her hired musical guns, The Ryff Ryders, “I’m Going Under” is reminiscent of the vocal arrangements and pop structures of the 60’s and 70’s and the jangly and often punchy rock of the 90’s. This blend of pop sensibilities has created an indie-fun album that speaks from a feminist perspective. Early on the tracklist, “Maybe That’s All” spotlights an irreverent voice singing along to Byrdsesque and Gin Blossomy arrangements. In “Radium Girls” the true story of Grace Fryer, a vindicated, whistle-blowing factory worker, and her radium-poisoned coworkers is told against the backdrop of a classic rock meets doo-wop vibe. On the title track “I’m Going Under” the spirits of Jenny Lewis and Drive By Truckers musically converge as Jaymie sings a relationship confessional. Album ballad, “Not Just Anyone,” ends in what would be the perfect soundtrack to any 1980’s John Hughes movie.

*All songs on “I’m Going Under” were written by Jaymie Gerard and performed as follows: Jaymie Gerard – main and background vocals, acoustic guitar; Geb Zurburg – electric guitar; Jon Abate – drums; Mod (Jim) – bass, synth, and all production.

Jaymie Gerard – Big Round Moon: Sing-Along Lullabies
New, easy-to-remember, sing-along lullabies to help your little one sleep. “Over the first few months after our son was born, I would sit on the glider in his nursery and gently rock himbigroundmoon. As I watched him drift off, lullabies began to pour out of me. Little did I know that those little songs would eventually become an album for other families to use to help their little ones sleep too.

While there are a lot of wonderful lullaby albums out there, many of them have different renditions of the same old songs, or the songs they have are soft and sweet but too long and lyric-heavy to make part of a nighttime routine. Because I wanted this album to not only be nice to listen to, but useful for parents and caretakers, I made sure to keep all of the melodies simple, the lyrics easy to remember, the music gentle and lulling, and the messages positive.

I hope this album not only helps your little one drift off into dreamland more easily, but that it also inspires you to write your own songs for your children.

Wishing you all a good night!”

Jaymie Gerard & The Burgs – Flame and a Seed

Warm, compelling vocal arrangements and thoughtful lyrics highlight the bluegrass-tinged folk songs of Jaymie Gerard & The Burgs, revealing the project’s contemporary finger on the pulse of an evolving Americana genre. “Beginning in 2011, songwriter Jaymie Gerard teamed up with fellow songwriter and husband Geb Zurburg, bassist and singer Andy Huenerberg, percussionist Jon Abate and engineer and producer Mod to create a project that would employ less production bells and whistles and more naked song performances. The result is “Flame and a Seed” by Jaymie Gerard & The Burgs.”
1. Coming Around
2. Hey Jack
3. Good Intention Man
4. Black-Eyed Susans
5. I’m Going My Way
6. Someone Else
7. Traveling
8. Mistakes
9. Feels Like Home
10. Flame and a Seed

Jaymie Gerard (feat. Geb Zurburg) – Acoustic Sessions EP (Feb, 2010)
1. Love Me, Love Me, Love Me
2. Child in Me
3. That Kind of Man
4. Loved Enough

Jaymie Gerard – Double EP Ain’t Life Sweet (EP)/Black-Eyed Susans (EP)
Two EPs of feel-good songs by singer-songwriter Jaymie Gerard.  “Ain’t Life Sweet (EP) and Black-Eyed Susans (EP) were a long time coming for singer-songwriter Jaymie Gerard. Jaymie teamed up with her husband and fellow musician, Geb Zurburg and his long-time friend and producer, Mod to create fun-feeling, pop-friendly recordings of some of her fan’s favorite songs. Additional players on this album include Andy Huenerberg on bass, Tommy Mintz on drums and Jon Abate on drums.”
1. Ain’t Life Sweetjaymiegerarddoubleep
2. Sailing
3. A Heart
4. Better
5. Black-Eyed Susans
6. By Your Side
7. Love is Not a Game
8. The Hard Way

Jaymie Gerard – Ghetto Nightingale